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.htaccess File Causes 500 Internal Server Error on Network Solutions

How’s that for a search engine friendly title, eh? This is just a quick note for anyone who has to deal with Network Solutions hosting (for clients or otherwise). Apperantly Network Solutions doesn’t run PHP with Apache’s mod_php, but rather as a CGI application. That means if you try to put PHP configuration directives in a .htaccess file it will...

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Negative Word Matching with Regular Expressions

Today on the #codeigniter IRC channel someone asked about how to match a string that didn’t start with a specific word using a regex. I quickly threw out that, off the top of my head, /^(word){0}/ should work. Well, surprisingly, it didn’t. Turns out negatively matching words with regular expressions is a little more difficult. After a little research I...

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Natural Order Numerical Sorting

I came across an interesting problem today in the CodeIgniter forums. Suppose you have a dataset like this: 1 1.2 1.2.1 1.2.3 1.2.4 2 5 5 5.1 5.7 11 11.1.2 Obviously, the example cited above is sorted, and sorted correctly. Now lets say these values exist in a random order in a database and we want to retrieve them in...

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CouchDB View Generation

An alternative technology quickly gaining popularity these days is CouchDB, a document-based database system for semi-structured data. I wasn’t sure what that meant at first, so I read as much as I could about it. The result? I couldn’t wait to use it. I decided CouchDB would be a good fit for my next project (which I should be releasing...

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High Performance Comet on a Shoestring

I’ve had my eye on the advances that are being made in the Comet arena for a while now, but it was only this past weekend that I finally sat down and used it for a project. In doing so, there was a particular configuration problem I needed to address, and that was…uh, addressing. Introducing Comet to an existing architecture...

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LongURL—Restoring Order to the Universe

It’s been two weeks since I conceptualized LongURL, and a productive two weeks at that! Last Monday I officially launched the service (which provides a handy REST API) with support for a dozen or so shortening services like TinyURL.com. Once I stepped away from the problem for a little while I realized there was a better way to go about...

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