LongURL—Restoring Order to the Universe

It’s been two weeks since I conceptualized LongURL, and a productive two weeks at that! Last Monday I officially launched the service (which provides a handy REST API) with support for a dozen or so shortening services like Once I stepped away from the problem for a little while I realized there was a better way to go about solving it. Thankfully the way I designed the service didn’t make it very difficult to swap out that bit of business logic, so this week I rolled-out an update that adds support for all shortening services. After getting feedback from […]

FOWA & BarCamp Miami

Future of Web Apps (FOWA) Miami & BarCamp Miami are quickly approaching. I’m really looking forward to picking up tips on building better web apps, and meeting some smart people. I’m planning on giving a presentation at Barcamp, but I haven’t decided on what to talk about. I’m considering either “An Intro to Comet” or “Improving User Experience With JS Form Validation”, and I’m leaning more towards the former. Any suggestions? I still have a lot to get done before the month’s end, including: launching the new and improved Statiksoft website, designing and printing affordable business cards, and, of course, […]

Supporting the Community

The Orlando IT community has done a great job of promoting the upcoming BarCamp. The word is out, and over 170 people have registered for the event already. Like any community, though, to be successful some financial backing is needed. For this reason, we at both MindComet and Statiksoft have pledged our support and have signed on as sponsors. We’re excited to have BarCamp come to our home town, and we’re confident everyone’s going to take something useful away from it. You can too if you go, but you’ll have to register—space is limited. I look forward to seeing you […]

BarCamp Orlando 2007

BarCamp is coming to Orlando! I’ve been interested in attending some technical conferences for a while now, so BarCamp is coming just in time. I’m looking forward to some interesting presentations and meeting cool locals in the tech industry. I’ll be representing two companies I’m a part of, MindComet and Statiksoft. Others from both local businesses will be there. Also, brother plans to woo with a presentation of I don’t know what.