LongURL—Restoring Order to the Universe

It’s been two weeks since I conceptualized LongURL, and a productive two weeks at that! Last Monday I officially launched the service (which provides a handy REST API) with support for a dozen or so shortening services like Once I stepped away from the problem for a little while I realized there was a better way to go about solving it. Thankfully the way I designed the service didn’t make it very difficult to swap out that bit of business logic, so this week I rolled-out an update that adds support for all shortening services. After getting feedback from […]

MySQL SELECT Entries Before NOW()

I’m in the business of making things faster. Using NOW() in a SQL query is something I’m going to complain about. Here’s a familiar scenario from the online publishing industry where future dating articles is a commonality: You have a news site. You need to display only articles that have been published, and one of the criteria is that they need to have a publish_date before now. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

The New

February 6th has come, and it has gone. After much toil and many, many long days, the largest development project MindComet has ever undertaken launched on time. That statement alone is worth celebrating. Whether the project ends up being a glorious success to the end users or not, as a developer I can make it something to be proud of in the lessons I take away from it. For example, here’s one thing I discovered about myself: I like BIG. I like the challenge…the complexity…the impact. Big forces you to approach problems in a different, often better, way. Big challenges […]