As a few people know, I have wanted to own for some time. The only thing preventing me from buying it was the $3,500 price tag—it just didn’t seem reasonable. Granted, Sean Murphy is an awesome name. Further, to have your name as a domain is to be desired. But three and a half large?!

In the past I tried to come up with a suitable (and less expensive) alternative, but failed. Nothing could come close to Well, let me take that back. There was one that I would have been happy with, which I bought—and then was rejected registration. Apparently I’m required to have a “real and substantial connection with Ireland” in order to register an .ie domain. So I waited. And waited. still cost $3,500. I still don’t have $3,500 to guiltlessly spend on a domain.

Alas!, I found an alternative I can live with: (and .net, and .org!). I have no idea why I didn’t think of it before. Maybe I did, but was dissatisfied with it. Maybe I didn’t, but no matter, that’s not the point. What is of note is that I have a fresh new domain with my name in it!.