A Better HAProxy Health Check For Dynamic Websites

Nobody wants their website to go down, or worse, for users to notice the site is down. Because of this most larger websites will run on multiple servers to provide some level of high availability. In a multi-server architecture there is typically a load balancer (or cluster of load balancers) to distribute the load among a pool of web servers. When a server goes down it’s taken out of the pool until it is once again ready to handle requests. HAProxy (a software load balancer) has the ability to perform this task by doing periodic health checks on all the […]

High Performance Comet on a Shoestring

I’ve had my eye on the advances that are being made in the Comet arena for a while now, but it was only this past weekend that I finally sat down and used it for a project. In doing so, there was a particular configuration problem I needed to address, and that was…uh, addressing. Introducing Comet to an existing architecture assumes there is already a web server in the neighborhood, and that it is, in one way or another, receiving traffic from port 80. Due to the fact that many site visitors will likely be positioned behind a firewall unwilling […]